Liana was born in Queens, New York, and raised between its bustling Guyanese community and the quiet, southern town of Macon, Georgia. Finding it difficult to walk the line between these identities—Northern and Southern, Guyanese and American—as a child Liana turned inward to find comfort and companionship in drawing, reading, and her favourite television shows. During the rise of the internet era, growing up in a tech-involved household with a father who was a computer programmer, she quickly taught herself HTML and CSS to go on to design and build her first website, a showcase for her creative works. From that point onward, residing in both the tech and art world was to be her calling.

Liana has overcome many hardships including chronic pain, the passing of her mother, overseas living, and becoming one of the few women union permit set electrics in the NY film & television industry. These challenges have given her a scrappy, DIY philosophy to life and a sober, realist approach toward her dreams that continues to serve her well.

Liana is a 2007 Schomburg Institute Fellow, and graduated from NYU with a BFA in Film and Television with a double major in anthropology. She is greatly in-love with ancient historical studies, and is inspired by those timeless artists and companies who tend to magnify the beauty in the mundane or imperfect, the goodness in oddness, and the deceptions of the seemingly beautiful. She currently resides in NYC where she works as an actress, set electric, gaffer, and photographer.

In her free time, Liana enjoys playing her electric guitars, wandering the halls of the MET Museum, and reading and writing spec fiction.

What She Does

Set Electrics / Lighting Design


Liana has worked shooting, rigging, and supplying for electrics and lighting on a myriad of projects ranging from small indies to some of your favourite network and cable shows! Her technical knowledge of most set lighting fixtures (tungsten, fluorescent, HMI, LED, shapers) and their uses is extensive. She's always open for consultation or collabs on your creative ideas.



Liana enjoy's street, travel, and lifestyle photography, but is always on the lookout for collabs or to shoot eye-catching, head-turning headshots or fashion editorials for you!



Liana brings a sense of passion, heart, and understanding to each of her characters. Recently, she has been cast as lead in the film 'Cupid,' by director Luke Bennet. Her past works consist of a myriad of films including a supporting role in "The Island," directed by Aimee Schaefer and produced by Spike Lee. Liana is currently studying with the renowned instructor, Anthony Abeson.