My story

“The word “impossible” is my enemy; the word “difficult,” my friend.”

These are the words I live by as a working actress, photographer, set lighting designer and set electrician. My road here has not been easy, and has led me through the challenges of longterm chronic pain, years living overseas, industry gatekeeping, many sleepless nights, and tough training. With my “Learn it right and do it well” spirit I have grown to not only expect the challenges in all that I do, but to welcome them.

My Approach

Give me your creative challenge or idea. I will then ask you a series of questions pertaining to your message, objectives, and personal inspirations. This will help me get to the heart of your brand (official or unofficial) and what makes your project special. I will then draw out a technical plan and visual aesthetic for your creative project. I will even show up to implement it!

Let’s connect! We will find your creative solution together.

Next Steps…

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