I was born in Queens, New York, and raised between its bustling Guyanese community and not-so-bustling southern town of Macon, Georgia. As an introverted child growing up with a chronic condition, I had a tendency to turn inward to find relief and companionship in drawing, reading, and all of my favourite television shows. During the rise of the internet era, having grown up with a computer programmer and engineer father, I taught myself HTML and CSS, cause we all needed a dope Myspace page, amirite? From there, I built my first website, a showcase for my illustration work.

Haven't figured out how to separate tech from art in my life ever since.

BFA in Film and Television and a double major in anthropology from NYU. 2007 Schomburg Institute Fellow, and greatly in-love (read as: "obsessed") with ancient historical studies. I'm honored to be recognized as a lab assistant on NYU Department of Archaeology, Center for the Study of Human Origins' 'Old Fort' Archaeological Collections Project.

People and companies who magnify the beauty in the mundane or imperfect, the goodness in oddness, and the deceptions of the seemingly beautiful intrigue and excite me. One day I hope to join their ranks.

I'm an eternal advocate of acting despite fear and the normalization of being imperfect. You can often catch me at the gym chasing a 100lb clean & press, reading & writing spec fiction in my room, and almost always wandering the halls of the MET Museum, my favourite place in the city. See you around!