BOOKED: ‘Antigone’ in CH Audioplay

In keeping with the theme of the world…

I suppose we shan’t talk about how the series finale of the U.S.A. almost happened last week in D.C. But that reminds me of something else we can talk about instead… Greek tragedies!

Don’t worry. Like a Greek tragedy, this won’t take long…

So, broadening my relentless addiction to the Clubhouse audiochat app, I’ve recently been cast as the lead role of Antigone in the ‘Power of Art’ club’s audio production of Sophocles’ ‘Antigone’. Some things I’ve learned:

Did you know that the themes of power and resistance are timeless? Well, you probably knew that one actually, or else the work wouldn’t have remained relevant for 2000 years. Regardless, the play’s timeless themes make it kind of a great Black History Month project, and I’m so damn excited for it, and so damn excited to be portraying, vocally, this total revolutionary badass.

If you have the Clubhouse app, tune in to the live show on 1/16/2021 at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST and 5pm PST/ 8pm EST.