I got SmileDirect.

I think I got the piercing to hide the mess.

On a whim, and with some extra cash in my pocket, I walked into a SmileDirect last week and signed up. I’m not someone who was super self-conscious about my teeth. In fact, I kinda liked having a gap, just not so big. But even I know when things are getting out of hand, and when I begin to break skin and draw blood everytime I decide to eat a snack, I think that means things are getting out of hand.

The signup process was rather painless. Really interesting, actually, considering how they do the scan. My representative was super nice and we exchanged natural hair product tips the entire time I was there (4b/4c girls gotta stick together). I did have one odd request for her, however. I wanted to keep a little bit of my gap. So, I asked her if that was possible. The answer was obviously no. “Your teeth will be perfect,” she told me with a slightly aggressive tinge. “Oh… okay,” I replied, a little frightened.

If only it were so simple.

No pics of the box’s insides; I’ve long since torn this sucker apart. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, though. Your aligners are under the front flap, in a slot which prevents you from getting the trays mixed up (I do have six months to get through after all). On the top, you gotcherr whitening gels, your smile stretcher, your floss, your chapstick, etc. I’m actually pretty excited now that it’s finally here. I can’t imagine my look in six months. Seems so far away, but I know it will fly by.

The catch, you ask? The tray’s got to be in 22 hours a day. And you cannot eat with them on… I know. Tragic. But you get used to it! And after a while you learn when your teeth have officially taken to your current tray or when you’re slacking and need to wear them longer. Also, take my opinion with a grain of salt because I’m just a week in.

I’ll update again when I’m done or close to done so you can all see how it went! Or who knows… maybe I’ll forget. I’m just being honest!