Adventures in a screen combat class

Bought a complimentary class for NYC Combat for Stage and Screen on Groupon, and man was it worth it. Keep in mind while reading this post that I am a Tarantino fan; I am certainly drawn (at least visually) to chaotic-bordering-on-comedic physical conflict.

I entered the practice area on my booked day dressed in my comfy gym clothes. Took off my shoes as instructed, and gingerly found a partner when class began. I don’t remember what I imagined a stage and screen combat class would look like, but I do remember being shocked (right along with my fellow newbie partner) by how the entire room broke into staged chaotic violence the moment our instructor finished prepping us beginners.

It was fake, bloody magic. In one corner, a young lady was being stage-dragged across the floor by her hair. On my opposite side, some skinny dude had just stage-kneed his kneeling victim in the mouth. “Wow!” I remember thinking. “Again I’m reminded that being an adult can be great because I can pay for stuff like this!”


All jokes aside, this class is a highlight in any actor’s wheelhouse, and a must for any actor who dreams of booking action roles. After just one class, I left with a solid understanding of how to successfully perform and sell jabs and hook punches.

…I think I’m ready for swords.