I went to a Death concert… again!

What better way to spend Easter Sunday than at a dark, dank, and inevitably overpriced NYC punk rock show? Granted there are like 15 million different bands in existence named ‘Death,’ but in this case I’m talking about the proto-punk band consisting of the Hackney brothers, Bobby and Dannis, and Bobbie Duncan, the guitarist. These guys–with the exception of Duncan who eventually replaced Bobby and Dannis’ older brother, David, after his death–have been performing since literally before punk was punk. However, they never quite became popular until after the 2012 release of ‘A Band Called Death,’ a documentary about the Hackney brothers’ childhoods and the band’s creation.

Look, I’m not here to play music journalist or sell you on these guys. I’m into weird stuff sometimes, kay?

My two little rascals

I’m just here to talk about how Bobbie Duncan is old-man-hot whenever he’s on-stage, and how I definitely, positively, absolutely caught his guitar pick like a fangirl when he threw it into the crowd last night. I squealed for two seconds before I realized I was at a punk show and was surrounded by self-conscious adultlings trying their hardest to look like they didn’t care about any of it.


No matter to me, though. I think these guys are great! And their first, self-titled album is classic. I’m almost positive you’ve heard at least one of their tunes already. Check them out!