BOOKED: Lead in ‘Pink Violence’!

So, I thought I bombed this audition when I showed up to it months ago, right? I LOVED this concept. Wanted the role badly, which in hindsight spelled more nerves for me. I went in with a plan. Had an idea about the tone of the project and the vibe of the character. Practiced my lines out the wazoo. And when I finally got into the room …I proceeded to flub those “memorized” lines. Any actors worst nightmare. One thing I will give myself, however, is that my energy remained consistent. Despite my forgetting lines, I was determined to remain confident in my idea of the tone and character.

I ran straight to H&M afterwards, in the rain, to do some post-bombed-audition shopping. Made some whiny phone calls. Forced it all out of my mind. Bought one of the best-smelling body sprays I’ve ever owned, actually (‘Above the Clouds’ … You’re welcome).

I just did everything I could do to forget about that audition. And you want to know the funny thing about all of this? I actually had TWO auditions that day. ‘Pink Violence’ was my second. The first one I no longer remember, but I do recall that at the time, I felt great about it. Admittedly, that one I didn’t want as badly. So, after I had long since pushed this audition out of my mind for the dread and shame of it all, imagine my surprise when I got the email today letting me know I booked the lead role! Apparently, they liked my tone for the character, and thought it was a good fit. Turns out lines aren’t everything.

Huh. Life is weird sometimes. ‘Serendipitous’ isn’t the word. ‘Ironic’ isn’t either. And I’m excited! I also wish I could time travel back and pinpoint exactly what magic sauce allowed me to flub lines and still book leads. More to come!

We in there!