I switched from Mac to PC


And no regrets, actually! Consider, in addition to my being a developer/programmer, that I am also a film colorist AND a lowkey gamer, that this was the obvious next step for me.

I’ve found that my needs for portability and power in the same machine just outgrew what Macbooks were able to offer. In addition to this, the guts of MBPs have always been notoriously difficult-to-impossible to upgrade or customize (I won’t get into the politics of whether or not they purposely design and market their hardware that way). 

I want to be able to customize my machine when something inside of it fizzles out instead of having to shell out for an entirely new computer. I want to be able to render my video edits or grades in a flash. I want to be able to stream my ignorant first-person shooters in peace. With all that said, let’s focus on the specifics of the good:

I purchased an Acer Aspire VX-15 which, while no longer top of the line, is still pretty darn powerful. It comes loaded with an i7-7700 HQ Intel CPU, a GeoForce GTX 1050 ti graphics card, 16GB of RAM (more than my old MBP would allow me), AND a 256 GB SSD. Keep in mind that ALL of that stuff is upgradable whenever I feel like it! And because I don’t need to buy a brand name, just the hardware, it’s all relatively affordable in comparison to… ‘you-know-who’s’ trendy stuff.

Concerning the stigma that comes along with any individual wanting to switch back to PC (*hisss*) from blessed Mac, well, I’m actually not concerned about that at all. Believe me, many people have been warning me against the dangers and difficulties of running back to PC, but for me the switch has been an absolute breeze. And yes, I am noting that Windows 10 makes everything so much easier than that ‘other’ old Windows version which shall not be named. The only problems I’ve really had thus far are my having to learn a few new Windows-specific command line prompts (seriously, command line on Windows is not enjoyable for me), and trying to figure out how to use my gaming headset with a laptop that has a multi-purpose 3.5mm jack. But I suppose that isn’t really a Windows-specific problem (SIDENOTE: Acer, please work on that. Your single jack idea… no like).