Modern Lighting: An evening of Tech and Craft with Pat Grosswendt

On a whim, I attended a lighting seminar led by Pat Grosswendt, veteran gaffer. Super cool guy. Super cool seminar.

I acquired quite a few great bits of info. Some of it the best kind: the validating kind! My favourite, though, was when Pat hammered home that one should never EVER assume that something (anything??) can’t be used as lighting diffusion or filter. Working on industry/union shoots might make some feel that this statement is blasphemy. That one should never use a dollar store shower curtain in place of a highlight or soft frost. But to hell with that. If you know me, you know I agree with him. Whatever gives you the look you’re going for! …Also, I swear to God soft frost is nothing but dollar store shower curtain.

It was a great seminar basically. I even got a believable explanation as to what use a CTG/CTM knob is on a RGB LED fixture! Later on in the evening he also broke out one of the new Litepanels Geminis which I had been itching to play with. I’ve got to say, as spectacular as an Arri S60 is, the physical design of the Gemini is so much more user-friendly. Yes, yes. I can hear your boos and hisses through my screen. Don’t worry. Skypanels are still LED king, okay? But put down the pitchforks, and tell me that bottom-side controls aren’t and obviously great idea.

Litepanels Gemini

Afterwards, I went up, introduced myself, networked with people who I could tell had no intention of contacting me ever again (and vice-versa). Pat, with a rather somber smile, wished me the best of luck with my union crew endeavours. I’m sure he was thinking about how much gate-keeping nonsense I’d have to wade through to find success. No worries, Pat. I’ve long since beat you to the punch. Yay pessimism disguised as realism!