More on-camera training is being added to my resume! This time, it’s The Acting Studio’s Acting for the Camera course with Rodney Ferrer. Tough instructor, imperative lessons as far as I’m concerned. At least if you’re an actor that concerns themselves with grabbing and keeping audience attention throughout your scenes.

Okay, on-camera acting seems normal enough. Can never have too much of that, but there were also two other very specific skills I’ve been aching to add to my resume for months now. And yesterday, I finally did!

Why am I like this?

Archery and knife-throwing! The axe-throwing was just an added bonus. Regardless, I’m one step closer to my dream of becoming a medieval highwayman!

No worries! I started off slow with a compound bow. In hindsight I regret it, and plan on going back more often to get my recurve bow skills tight. My knife throwing is TRASH, but still great for a beginner’s. Does that make sense? I really feel like a few more visits will get me right. Knife throwing in particular is what I want to become skilled in. It’s unusual. It’s flashy. It shows initiative and creativity I think… It wards off creeps. I’m sticking with it!