So… That Happened…


So, 2020, amirite?

What a dumpster fire, and that’s not even accounting for the fire tornadoes they had out there in California. Actual. Fire. Tornadoes. And then there’s the whole Covid thing…

Sometimes I wonder how Corona’s (the beer brand) stocks are doing these days. I never wonder enough to check though.

Anyway, yea. While we most certainly have lost so much and so many in 2020, these losses also gave us ample opportunity to take in very hard lessons about our own mortality, humanity, and loving our fellow man. 2020 tried to force these lessons on us hard, and TRIED to make us learn them well. Did we learn them as a country? Weeeelll… Let’s just move on…

Some of us, myself included, have THRIVED in 2020. Personally, I chalk it up to my being an introvert. You’d be surprised how extroverted an introvert can be when there is no pressure for them to actually put on pants, and shoes, and BE somewhere in person! I basically spent most of 2020 naked from the waist down, and lemme tell ya, it has absolutely worked wonders for my life.

Yep. Wasn’t wearing any pants in this either.

I’ve signed with great representation, found the most 🔥 manager I could ask for, and participated in my first modeling test shoot. My entire package is primed for pilot season, and I am ready and rearing to go once the industry opens back up!

So, there I was, just a week away from a whole new year, after having an already awesome year. Then, somebody decides to drop an invitation to this “app thing” called “Clubhouse” into my message box.

…Y’all… This app has upped my game. It’s basically an app that’s perfect for those introverts who have a lot to say, but don’t want to take a cute photo caption first, or have you looking them in the eye while they say it. I suspect the real problem with us actually. That we don’t want people staring us directly in the eye while we’re doing things… like a honey badger or something.

Once that demand for a visual element was removed for me, leaving only audio communication to be utilized, it was like everything just *clicked*. I’ve never felt so free on a social media platform to be myself and to express all the different facets of my discombobulated identity. I’m not required to think of quick, clever quips for twitter, or visual representations of everything that I do to post on instagram. Instead, I can just log onto Clubhouse, and yap. Yap, yap, yap about what I do with other people who also do what I do or who would like to! The expression is quick, it’s genuine (because it is my own voice), and my follower count ever since I joined?… Amazing. Wait till they all find out I’m boring as sh*t.

I’ve even joined a weekly “Write-In” accountability group that’s got me working on short story projects that I haven’t touched in MONTHS.

Part of me wishes my Android-owning companions had access to the platform, but part of me also wants to keep this rather cute size of current users on the app exactly where it is. That’s neither here nor there; the app WILL go public one day, and when that time comes, I’ll just have to deal with issues like having to be on time to certain panels so that I can quickly raise my hand, get on the panel, and continue to yap, yap, yap.

…I think I may be addicted. It’s funny because you probably think I’m joking.

Anyway, here’s to me! Here’s to you! And here’s to finding ways to slowly conquer your fears this year! Here’s to learning new ways to see our world and our fellow human beings. Here’s to my crusted over optimism in humanity, and the notion that maybe… just maybe… we may end up alright in the end…. Jury’s still out though.

Happy New Year! And all the best to you and yours. 💜