Gather round ye’ churlish hordes!

Quarantine sucks. I mean, it doesn’t suck, but also it sucks. Some people can acclimate to not having anywhere to go easier than others, but in a world where nothing but staying healthy (and for some damn reason–still paying rent) is expected of you, there may be some trouble trying to figure out what to do with ALL that spare time.

So let’s say your chores are done, you’ve gotten your exercise in, and you’ve made a healthy dent in the completion of your personal projects for the day. What now? Well, sirs, madames, and everything in between, have I got a proposition for you…

Come watch me be an ass on Youtube!

We tend to be a separated bunch in an already isolated and lonesome generation. Relatively speaking, of course. But it doesn’t have to feel that way. We have movie and tv reviews to do, chat windows to open and then promptly ignore, video games to stream, Q&As too invasive to actually answer… There’s so much! And I’m down to do them all. So check it out:


‘Tiger King’ EP01- Quick React
‘Tiger King’ EP03 -React


‘Death & Taxes’ Gameplay

Every video I post will end up here. That’s every game stream, review, react, Q&A, or Netflix Party (since that’s a thing now?) And I invite you to watch, enjoy, and idunno maybereadtheotherboringpostsIhaveonthisshittyblog until you’re ready to make your own, or until all of this quarantining business is over!

And stay healthy and safe, Sweets!