Welp. I’m a Local 52 applicant now.

Yes, glasses.

I have been doing this set electrician and gaffing thing for a second now. I guess the stress was enough for me to hallucinate that I might like to make things official? So, yesterday, I dropped an unspeakably unreasonable amount of cash down at the union hall just for the chance of getting into Local 52 as a set electrician. Yes, that’s right, I’m now eligible to take the test for entrance.

Here’s the thing. I love the craft. I find it interesting, and am in love with lighting even though my greatest passion (in this particular field) is marrying the logistics with lighting design itself. Also, I’m oddly fascinated by electricity which deserves mentioning since we can’t go one blog post without me saying something weird.

BUT–and there’s a big ol’ ‘but’–the culture of it all. Oh my. I know every industry is packed full of both pleasant angels and toxic assholes alike, but I experience a special, tangy flavor of assholishness when a kid a year out of college field questions me on set about how a continuity meter works when five minutes prior I saw him and his buddy speeding over uneven ground in a scissor lift while he dangled off its side.

I wish I were kidding…

Listen, all of my social media profiles say I am your favourite introverted antihero. I like rigorous and thought-provoking work as long as I’m allowed to just get into the work and do it well! I don’t need little, ignorant Jeffy and old, crotchety Paulie smirking at me continuously for twelve hours as they conspire to test me on proper 4/0 cable coiling, kay?

It’s not that difficult, Jeffy.

Still, what kind of Aries, thirsty for vengeance, would I be if I didn’t take and pass this test? The fact of the matter is I’m planning on doing just that–passing this test. Whatever happens afterward happens, if you get my drift.

This is what I turn into at midnight.